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New Publication: van Dussen, From England to Bohemia

Michael van Dussen has a new volume forthcoming (already out in the UK) entitled England to Bohemia: Heresy and Communication in the Later Middle Ages, as part of the Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature series. It promises to open up new ground on Wycliffism and communication with Bohemia. According to the book’s jacket description, “This […]

Additions to Primary Sources

In the summer of 2010, I posted a note listing three primary sources that would help research on Lollard Studies if they were on line. Two of these have now appeared on Google Books. These have also been added to the Bibliography of Primary Sources. The first is Wilkin’s Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae, in […]

Summa de Ente for sale!

While we don’t send out mailings and newsletters any more, as we used to, we still have expenses associated with running the Society. The website space and the domain name together cost about $90.00 or so per year. So, yes, we still appreciate your donations: in fact, running the website costs about as much as […]

More new website resources

A number of new texts, found primarily on Google books, have been added to the Primary and Secondary Sources. Most of these are nineteenth-century biographies on Wyclif or contemporary reviews of publications that are interesting as an antiquarian curiosities. More substantially, aside from volumes described in earlier posts (Netter and the Fasciculus Rerum), all of […]

Recent Publications in Lollard Studies

The following studies (a few, actually not so recent) have been added to the Bibliography of Secondary Sources over the past year or so. Please get in touch with to let us know of anything else which should be added. Aziz, Jeffrey H. “Of grace and gross bodies: Falstaff, Oldcastle, and the fires of reform.” […]

Thomas Netter and his Doctrinale

A new collection of essays and bibliography has been published about Thomas Netter in Thomas Netter of Walden: Carmelite, Diplomant, and Theologian (c. 1372-1430), ed. Johan Bergström-Allen and Richard Copsey (Faversham, Kent: St. Albert’s Press, 2009). Netter was a Carmelite (or Whitefriar). At Oxford, sometime around 1400, he was a student of the Franciscan William […]

Fasciculus Rerum Expetendarum et Fugiendarum

Here’s a new book which came up on Google Books recently and I’ve added to the Primary Source Bibliography: the Fasciculus Rerum Expetendarum et Fugiendarum, as compiled by Edward Brown and published in London in 1690. I’ve seen older volumes like this one appear on Google over the past year or so. What Brown did […]

Chaucer and Loll . . . Wycliffism

Two recent essays on Chaucer’s possible use of the Wycliffite Bible. Amanda Holton, in “Which Bible did Chaucer Use?: The Biblical Tragedies in the Monk’s Tale”, argues that Chaucer did not, at least for the Monk’s Tale, in part because current accepted dates for the completion of the Bible and the Tale mean that it […]

Recent work in Philosophy and Theology

With several notable exceptions, Wyclif’s thought has usually been studied to define, interpret, or distinguish it from the work of his contemporaries or heretical followers. While this remains a frequent goal, studies over about the past half-decade indicate that scholars are attending to his philosophy apart from his heretical or proto-heretical doctrines on (for instance) […]