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Recent Publications: Primary Sources

Updated post! Please get in touch with if you know of anything else that should be added. These have been added to the Bibliography of Primary Sources. Dove, Mary, ed. The Earliest Advocates of the English Bible: The Texts of the Medieval Debate. Exeter: Univ. of Exeter Press, 2010. [New editions of the texts from […]

More new website resources

A number of new texts, found primarily on Google books, have been added to the Primary and Secondary Sources. Most of these are nineteenth-century biographies on Wyclif or contemporary reviews of publications that are interesting as an antiquarian curiosities. More substantially, aside from volumes described in earlier posts (Netter and the Fasciculus Rerum), all of […]

Thomas Netter and his Doctrinale

A new collection of essays and bibliography has been published about Thomas Netter in Thomas Netter of Walden: Carmelite, Diplomant, and Theologian (c. 1372-1430), ed. Johan Bergström-Allen and Richard Copsey (Faversham, Kent: St. Albert’s Press, 2009). Netter was a Carmelite (or Whitefriar). At Oxford, sometime around 1400, he was a student of the Franciscan William […]

Fasciculus Rerum Expetendarum et Fugiendarum

Here’s a new book which came up on Google Books recently and I’ve added to the Primary Source Bibliography: the Fasciculus Rerum Expetendarum et Fugiendarum, as compiled by Edward Brown and published in London in 1690. I’ve seen older volumes like this one appear on Google over the past year or so. What Brown did […]

Website updates

A new webpage, the Glossa Ordinaria, has been added as a sub-page to the Bibliography of Primary Sources. This contains .pdfs of a full copy of the Glossa, an edition printed in Venice in 1603. The advantage that this has over the version in the Patrologia Latina is that this has prologues by Hieronymous and […]

Just so you know–Update

This site has recently (early May) been moved to a new server. Everything should be updated now: Bibliographies, texts attached to them, and posts on “recent publications.” The advantage to the new server is that there is much more space now to hold the growing library of .pdf files attached to the Bibliographies. Please send […]