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Lollard Society sessions at Kalamazoo

We look forward to seeing you at Kalamazoo! All of our sessions this year are on Friday, May 14th:

  • Session 202: England and International (Organizer: Fiona Somerset; Presider: Robert Swanson)
    • Kevin Alban, “Orthodox Reform in Early Fifteenth-Century Europe: England and the Continent”
    • Stephen Lahey, “Wyclif, Wycliffism, and the Hussites: Sorting out the Problem of ‘Influence'”
    • Michael van Dussen, “Rumors, Forgeries, and the Problem of Wyclif’s Bones”
    • Respondent: John van Engen, Univ. of Notre Dame
  • Session 282: Fifteenth-Century Books (Organizer: Fiona Somerset; Presider: John Thompson)
    • Amy Appleford, “Radical Catechesis: the Middle English Visitation of the Sick and Its Books”
    • Nicole Rice, “Defensive Devotion: A Lollard Pore Caitiff in British Library MS Harley 2322″
    • Katherine Zieman, “Richard Rolle and His Fifteenth-Century Readers: CUL Kk.6.20 and Bodleian Laud Misc. 286”
  • Session 349: Shifting Paradigms (Organizer: Fiona Somerset; Presider: Fiona Somerset)
    • Derrick Pitard, “Wycliffite Vernacularity”
    • Mary Raschko, “A Polemical Glossed Gospel”
    • R.D. Perry, “Ostentatious Orthodoxy: e Musaeo 35 and Spectacular Religiosity in Fifteeth-Century England”
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