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Kalamazoo 2012

The schedule for Kalamazoo 2012 is now on line. Sessions this year will take place on Thursday, May 10, in the afternoon and evening.

  • Session 66: Influence or Interchange? Vernacular and Scholarly Cultures (Organizer: Fiona Somerset, Duke Univ.; Presider: J. Patrick Hornbeck II, Fordham Univ.)

    • “Unlocking the Barn Door: Vernacular Doctrine and Its Audience in the Thirteenth Century,” Claire M. Waters, Univ. of Virginia
    • “Do What You Can: Pearl’s Vineyard Parable and Fourteenth-Century Pelagianism,” James Knowles, North Carolina State Univ.
    • “Aristotle and Antichrist,” Kellie Robertson, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Session 113: Historiographies of Feeling (A Roundtable) (Organizer: Fiona Somerset, Duke Univ.; Presider: Fiona Somerset)

    • A roundtable discussion with Sarah McNamer, Georgetown Univ.; Russell Leo, Princeton Univ.; Sara Ritchey, Univ. of Louisiana–Lafayette; Andrew Romig, New York Univ.; Holly Crocker, Univ. of South Carolina–Columbia; Matthew W. Irvin, Sewanee: The Univ. of the South
  • Session 158: Religious Practice (Organizer: Fiona Somerset, Duke Univ.; Presider: Elizabeth Schirmer, Univ. of New Mexico)

    • “Manuscript Evidence for Readings of the Christian Catechism: The Ten Commandments in English Rhyme, ca. 1200–1500,” Elisabeth Salter, Aberystwyth Univ.
    • “‘Stories of the elde testament’: Literary Reading and Lollard Biblical Scholarship,” David Lavinsky, Yeshiva Univ.
    • “Picking up Change: A Manuscript Available to Lollard Reformers and Restoration Catholics,” Pamela Troyer, Metropolitan State College of Denver
    • “Religious Practices in the Early Fifteenth Century: A Theology of Mystery,” Kevin Alban, Institutum Carmelitanum

Other sessions to attend include Medieval Translation Theory and Practice II, organized by Jeanette Beer, focusing on Biblical translation, including a paper on “The Wyclif Bible” by Elizabeth Solopova; and a session entitled Medieval Sermon Studies I: Saints, Sinners, and the Pastoral Art of Preaching that includes a paper by Sean Otto entitled “Confession without Confessing? John Wyclif’s Sermon for the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene.”

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