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Additions to Primary Sources

In the summer of 2010, I posted a note listing three primary sources that would help research on Lollard Studies if they were on line. Two of these have now appeared on Google Books. These have also been added to the Bibliography of Primary Sources.

The first is Wilkin’s Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae, in all four volumes. This is a help because it contains the most frequently cited version of Arundel’s 1407/09 Constitutions (among a number of other texts about Arundel and Wycliffism). On Google books, here is vol. 1; here is vol. 2; here is vol. 3, and here is vol. 4. There are a couple of copies of three of these volumes; at least one of the others, however, has a defective scan, so use these links. Its copy of Arundel’s Constitutions can be found starting on page 314 in vol. 3.

The second resource is a copy of William Lyndwood’s Provinciale (seu Constitutiones Angliae). Lyndwood (c. 1375-1446), a canon lawyer, finished this commentary on the constitutions promulgated by the Archbishops of Canterbury in 1430 (as he says at the end of his gloss), when he was the Chancellor to Archbishop Chichele. There are two editions on Google Books: one from 1525, and a second–the most frequently cited–from 1679. This edition contains Lyndwood for its first 356 pages, and then, starting with a new numeration, a gloss on the legatine Constitutions of Otto and Ottobuono by Robert Athon. Lyndwood’s gloss on Arundel’s Constitutions begins on page 282 of his commentary. In the 1525 edition, for comparison, his comment on Arundel begins fol. 207v.

Copies of the third text, John Bale’s Scriptorum Illustrium Maioris Brytanniae, still don’t seem to be available for free, but again, they can be found on EEBO, to which most academic libraries subscribe.

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