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Kalamazoo Sessions, 2011

46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (May 12-15, 2011). Sessions will take place Friday, May 13th. The first session will be in Fetzer; the latter two in Valley I.

  • Session 193: Versions of the Bible (Organizer: Fiona Somerset, Duke Univ.; Presider: Kathleen Kennedy, Penn State–Brandywine)
    • “Concatenations: Biblical, Lollard,” Michael P. Kuczynski, Tulane Univ.
    • “Literal versus Literal: The Two Versions of the Middle English Bible (fka Wycliffite Bible),” Henry Ansgar Kelly, Univ. of California–Los Angeles, and Leslie K. Arnovick, Univ. of British Columbia
    • “The Wycliffite Bible Prologues and the Translation of Academic Discourse,” Andrew Brock Kraebel, Yale Univ.
  • Session 238: Lollard Orthodoxies (Organizer: Fiona Somerset, Duke Univ.; Presider: Elizabeth Schirmer, New Mexico State Univ.)

    • “Heresy by Any Other Name? Terminology in Flux and the Study of Wyclif and His Latin Sermons,” Sean A. Otto, Wycliffe College, Univ. of Toronto
    • “The Trouble with Tales in Jacob’s Well,” Rachael Deagman, Wake Forest Univ.
    • “‘Short Praier’ in Middle English Orthodox Writings and the Wycliffite Egerton Sermon,” J. Alastair Bennett, Canterbury Christ Church Univ.
    • “‘Is Holy Land the Next Huntington?: Wyclif, Evangelicals, and Academics,” Jana Mathews, Rollins College
  • Session 295: Lollard Geographies (Organizer: Fiona Somerset, Duke Univ.; Presider: Stephen E. Lahey, Univ. of Nebraska–Lincoln)

    • “North and South? Provenance and Alliteration in the Lollard Sermons,” Stephen Yeager, Concordia Univ.
    • “‘Homlynes with mercers of London’: The Wycliffite Treatises of the Fyler Manuscript and the Books of a London Mercer Social Network,” Mary Agnes Edsall, Bowdoin College
    • “Is There a Geography to Lollardy?,” J. Patrick Hornbeck II, Fordham Univ.

Aside from these, note also that our own Fiona Somerset will also be presenting a paper entitled “‘This may martyrs say’: Lollard Confessional Poetics” on Saturday at 10:00 AM in the session “Confessional Poetics in Medieval England.”

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