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Summa de Ente for sale!

While we don’t send out mailings and newsletters any more, as we used to, we still have expenses associated with running the Society. The website space and the domain name together cost about $90.00 or so per year. So, yes, we still appreciate your donations: in fact, running the website costs about as much as copying and mailings used to.

As another way to raise money, however, we have a few volumes for sale of a very hard to obtain book: The Summa de Ente, edited by S. Harrison Thomson, published by Oxford at the Clarendon Press in 1930. These were donated by a member for us to sell.

We have six copies: four are in good shape, which we will sell for $25.00 each. Two have suffered from dampness on the bottoms of the front and back covers, though the text block is fine: we will sell these for $20.00 each. Costs don’t include postage at book rate (about $3.00 to the U.S.). It’s a good deal; the lowest price I see for this on Abebooks is over $50.00. And, we need the funds! You will actually buy a book to help us all out.

How, then, can you not do this? You could be reading this next week! This is first come, first served, so don’t hold back. Order now. Copies will go fast . . . in fact, they’re probably going already . . .

To buy one, hurry over and send a note to Jill Havens via the form on the Contact page.

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