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Thomas Netter and his Doctrinale

A new collection of essays and bibliography has been published about Thomas Netter in Thomas Netter of Walden: Carmelite, Diplomant, and Theologian (c. 1372-1430), ed. Johan Bergström-Allen and Richard Copsey (Faversham, Kent: St. Albert’s Press, 2009). Netter was a Carmelite (or Whitefriar). At Oxford, sometime around 1400, he was a student of the Franciscan William […]

Fasciculus Rerum Expetendarum et Fugiendarum

Here’s a new book which came up on Google Books recently and I’ve added to the Primary Source Bibliography: the Fasciculus Rerum Expetendarum et Fugiendarum, as compiled by Edward Brown and published in London in 1690. I’ve seen older volumes like this one appear on Google over the past year or so. What Brown did […]

Lollard Society sessions at Kalamazoo

We look forward to seeing you at Kalamazoo! All of our sessions this year are on Friday, May 14th: Session 202: England and International (Organizer: Fiona Somerset; Presider: Robert Swanson) Kevin Alban, “Orthodox Reform in Early Fifteenth-Century Europe: England and the Continent” Stephen Lahey, “Wyclif, Wycliffism, and the Hussites: Sorting out the Problem of ‘Influence’” […]