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Call for Papers: Mapping Lives of Christ, Belfast, 10-13 June, 2010

This conference represents the culmination of the AHRC-funded “Geographies of Orthodoxy” project. Papers are invited on any aspect of late medieval Christological piety, with a particular emphasis on the cultural manifestations of the pseudo-Bonaventuran tradition, in all European contexts. Topics might include:

  • The production and reception of late medieval lives of Christ
  • Lives of Christ in visual and material culture
  • Political and theological controversies
  • Lives of Christ, Latin and Vernacular
  • Lives of Christ across the Reformations
  • Lives of Christ and histories of the book
  • Lay access and pastoral care

Deadline for submission is 30 Sept. 2009. Proposals should be send to Dr. Ryan Perry (r-dot-perry (at) qub-dot-ac-dot-uk). Please see the attached flyer as well.

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