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Lollard Society at Kalamazoo International Medieval Congress

The Lollard Society will sponsor three panels at the 52nd International Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo, MI.

Constructing the Wycliffite Bible
[Update 5/10/17 – regrettably, this session has been canceled] 

Beguines and the Transformations of Urban Piety on the Eastern Periphery of Late Medieval Christendom
Sunday, May 14, 8:30am (Bernhard 205)

Organizer: Michael Van Dussen (McGill Univ.)
Presider: Michael Van Dussen (McGill Univ.)

1) Henry Harrer’s Tractatus contra beghardos: The Polish and Czech Dominican Response to Early Fourteenth-Century Heresies
Tomasz Gałuszka, Univ. Papieski Jana Pawła II w Krakowie

2) The Bohemian Beguines Lost in Oblivion
Pavlína Cermanová, Centrum medievistických studií, Prague

3) The Inquisitor at Work: John of Schwenkenfeld, O.P., and His Inquiry into the Beguines in Świdnica
Paweł Kras, Katolicki Univ. Lubelski Jana Pawła II


(Reformation in Faith and [Feeling) Like Saints]
Sunday, May 14, 10:30am (Bernhard 205)

Organizer: Michael Van Dussen (McGill Univ.)
Presider: Michael Van Dussen (McGill Univ.)

1) The Wordes of Poule
Michael Sargent, Queens College, CUNY

2) Hilton on Paul
Fiona Somerset, Univ. of Connecticut

3) “[H]o so haþ clene affectioun in his soule”: Conservative Affectivity and the Middle English Meditationes de passione Christi
Ryan Perry, Univ. of Kent

4) Love: Is it More than a Feeling?
Robyn Malo, Purdue Univ.

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