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Recent Publications: Primary Sources

Updated post! Please get in touch with if you know of anything else that should be added. These have been added to the Bibliography of Primary Sources.

Dove, Mary, ed. The Earliest Advocates of the English Bible: The Texts of the Medieval Debate. Exeter: Univ. of Exeter Press, 2010. [New editions of the texts from the Oxford translation debates and other lollard texts concerning translation, including several prologues to Biblical texts. This volume complements her 2007 study The First English Bible.]

Fudge, Thomas A., ed. Crusade Against Heretics in Bohemia, 1418-1437: Sources and Documents for the Hussite Crusades. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2002. [English translations of over 200 texts about the repression of the Hussites after the Council of Constance.]

Hanna, Ralph. “‘Documentum Robert Grosehede’: An Unpublished Early Lollard Text.” Journal of the Early Book Society 13 (2010): 265-74. [An edition of a polemical text that “enjoins priests not to harass poor parishioners for their tithes” on fols. 73v-74v in Cambridge, Trinity College, MS O.1.29; a partial copy also exists in Bodley MS 647. This is available here.]

Kuczynski, Michael P. “An Unpublished Lollard Psalms Catena in Huntington Library MS HM 501.” Journal of the Early Book Society 13 (2010): 95-138. [“In this essay I discuss Lollard attitudes towards an especially important Old Testament book, the Psalms, in connection with an unpublished and apparently unique abridgement of the Wycliffite Psalter (later version) that survives in Huntington Library MS HM 501 [which is] presented by its anonymous compiler as a catena. . . . My discussion falls into three parts: an introduction to Lollard regard for the Psalms as a preeminent biblical book, a description of the catena as an underappreciated literary form, and . . . an analysis of the Huntington psalms catena. I then offer a critical edition of the Huntington catena” (96).]

Somerset, Fiona. Four Wycliffite Dialogues. EETS o.s. 333. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 2009. [Includes editions of the unique copies of four dialogues: “Dialogue between Jon and Richard,” from Cambridge, Trinity Coll. MS B 14 50; “Dialogue between a Friar and a Secular” from Dublin, Trinity Coll. MS 244; “Dialogue between Reson and Gabbyng” from Dublin, Trinity Coll. MS 245; and “Dialogue between a Clerk and a Knight” from Durham, Univ. Library MS Cosin V.III.6.]

van Dussen, Michael, ed. “Three Verse Eulogies of Anne of Bohemia.” Medium Aevum 78.2 (2009): 231-60. [Van Dussen edits, translates, and comments on three previously unknown elegies on Richard II’s queen, uncovered in two manuscripts in Prague. One, he posits, is by the Carmelite Richard Maidstone. According to the introduction, the eulogies “are valuable indications of the ways in which Anne’s piety was construed and then used to advance royalist devotional and political agendas.”]

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